1981 Mercedes 230 Wagon: Row Yourself


Surprisingly, this 1981 Mercedes station wagon available here on craigslist is neither a diesel nor an automatic model. Instead, it sports a gasoline engine and a 4-speed manual transmission, a striking departure from the oil burning slushbox models we’re accustomed to seeing. Plus, it’s only $2,900 and doesn’t seem to have many issues beyond cosmetic faults. The seller says you’ll need new carpets and tires, two fairly basic/easy improvements for even the only-slightly handy owner. This car is crying out for some European glass headlights and H&R suspension, two modifications you can justify thanks to the low cost of entry and wise investment that is the W123-series Mercedes.


  1. Hoos

    I had an ’84 diesel auto wagon in the early to mid 90’s, this exact color combo, and I loved it. It was the most solid car I ever owned. I would buy this car “as is” if it was on the east coast.

  2. boxdin

    Very nice, it all depends on rust?

  3. Alan (Michigan)

    132K miles in 35 years…. THAT alone should be proof of just how slow this big boat really is!

    Still, it is a classy ride, pretty cool by my standards.
    Don’t hate me for thinking: :Engine Swap!

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