1983 BMW 633CSI: On Schedule

1983 BMW 633CSI

In the world of BMW maintenance, respecting the various fluid change intervals and routine maintenance is considered part of the aptly-named “old-school” maintenance schedule. Although the way this system is described changes with each owner, it’s refreshing to see a classic like this 1983 633CSI here on craigslist still receiving the proper treatments as if it were a new car just going through the motions of earning stamps in the maintenance booklet. These older 6-Series always looked a little bit unfinished to me, compared to the later editions that came with factory air dams and spoilers, but this particular example appears better than most – and the newer BMW alloy wheels look pretty sharp. Throw in working A/C and you’ve got a great classic daily for not much scratch. This one will go fast, if everything in the ad checks out – but the day is coming when prices for good E24 6-Series won’t be this cheap. Special thanks to Robert R for this tip!


  1. seth

    if it were closer to NY might grab it for my wife, Low milage

  2. jim s

    if it is all there this would make a great driver. it should be more then able to keep up with todays speeds. also noted for being safe cars. it has been listed for 6 days and still not sold for some reason. do you have room for another BMW Jeff?

  3. William Robinson

    Seems like a great deal if it is all there. Love these things and wish this was a little closer.

  4. Tirefriar

    E24 with a MANUAL, WORKING A/C, LOW MILES and UNDER $5K? I am shouting because I can’t understand why this car is still on the market. I can tell you one thing, if this car would be in Southern California and is as described, it would be sitting pretty in my subterranean parking…

  5. Alex

    So what’s going on with the site? I was so excited when this place started, but now I fear it may be another ThrottleYard (a great motorcycle specific site BaT operated a while back) that disappears before it has a chance. This site is a great idea and I hope it is able to continue.

  6. Bruno M

    Almost a month without any new post? What happened?

  7. Alex

    What’s happening here?

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