1988 Ford Bronco II 4X4: Mountain Goat


Seeing this survivor-grade ’88 Bronco II on eBay immediately brought back memories of some of my favorite Buddy L toys: I had a Bronco II and Ranger pick-up as part of a matching set, complete with the 4×4 graphics on the side and white-letter tires. Mine are wrapped up in theĀ attic somewhere in my parents’ house, much like this super-clean and well-optioned Bronco II that has been garage-kept for many years. The body flares are a desirable look and the factory 5-speed manual is an added bonus, and with the locking hubs, I’m sure this short-wheelbase 4×4 is a hoot on mountain trails. You’ll certainly have to enjoy the color red if you plan on spending any time in that interior, as it’s covered from headliner to carpet in a shade that’s nothing short of loud; but then again, most things from the ’80s are. It’s too bad this class of vehicle didn’t take off – like the Dodge Raider of the same era, I’d love a two-door, 4-wheel drive rig like this to use for weekend projects and off-road escapes.


  1. Bruno

    Cool car but that interior is just awful!

  2. Alan (Michigan)

    Like. My son has a Mazda B3000 in Michigan’s UP, but this would appeal to him as well.

  3. J.W.

    As a owner of the first generation Bronco these thing were no where near as rugged as they were. The suspension was softer to appeal at the time in the 80’s the Blacktop 4 Wheeler. I had a boss that bought one new and it was dependable as he drove the wheels off it but strictly highway. In all my days off roading which was a lot I have never seen one of these off road. Now why is he selling it already after only putting 300 miles on it, could he be color blinded already. It does look nice for it’s age and I guess the right person has to want it for a particular reason.

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