1988 Nissan 300ZX Shiro Special: Rare Edition


I have a special connection to this extremely limited edition 1988 Nissan 300ZX Shiro Special here on craigslist. A few months back, I visited a local salvage yard I hadn’t been to in years. There, I spotted this entirely-white Nissan 300ZX, with color-keyed accents throughout and some very tempting (if not mildew stained) Recaro front seats. That was when I got an education in the 300ZX SS, of which only 1,002 were made. In addition to the cosmetic tweaks, Shiros came with a viscous limited-slip differential, t-tops and a unique front chin spoiler.  These Z31 chassis 300ZX SS cars are tough to find in any condition, and $5,000 is one of the better prices I’ve seen for a clean example without too many modifications. Oh, and those gross, junkyard Recaros? A shop  vac and some switchgear later, and I was enjoying a decent amount of eBay profit!


  1. Rspcharger

    Don’t really know much about these, but with it being an hour from me I was tempted up until I read the classic line “AC needs charge” 😉

  2. Doug M. (West)

    “AC needs charged!” I saw my new favorite Craigslist seller line a few days ago: “Motor needs minor repairs…WILL RUN WHEN FIXED.” LOL!! I couldn’t believe it really said that, and had to read it twice… but it did. It’s now my favorite sleeze line.

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