1993 Ford Thunderbird SC: Fast Boat

1993 Thunderbird SC

The Ford Thunderbird isn’t exactly high on the list of rides enthusiasts pine for. It’s not hard to see why, with the exception of the combination of rear-wheel drive with an available V8, these modern day interpretations of the classic Thunderbird offered underwhelming performance with overwhelming proportions. Thankfully, someone in the engineering department saw an opportunity to breathe new life into Ford’s big coupe by creating the Thunderbird Super Coupe, or SC, complete with a supercharged and intercooled 3.8L V6. They’re hard to come by these days, and even more so with a third pedal like this example here on craigslist in Virginia for $2,000.

1993 Thunderbird SC Engine

By the time 1993 rolled around, the Thunderbird SC was a second act to some extent. The 1987 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe fulfilled a similar role of providing a high-performance model that didn’t rely on sheer V8 grunt. The Turbo Coupe sourced components from the Mustang SVO for its extra juice, but I’d take the supercharged whine of the S/C over its turbocharged ancestor any day of the week. Personally, in an era where manual transmissions have all but gone the way of the rotary phone, it’s admirable that Ford made a stick optional in both generations of the Thunderbird equipped with the high-output mill.

1993 Thunderbird SC Interior

The ’93 Thunderbird S/C featured here produced 210 bhp and 315 lbs of torque routed through a Mazda-derived manual transmission.  It also came with larger wheels, firmer suspension with adjustable Tokicos on each corner, 4-wheel disc brakes, a limited-slip differential and some cosmetic add-ons. On paper, it sounds like a pretty complete package. The suspension could be adjusted from the cabin between soft and sport settings, which firmed the ride up nicely. Other adjustments can happen by virtue of decent aftermarket support for uncorking the potential of the factory Eaton supercharger – an underdrive kit and aftermarket chip can push power levels to upwards of 255 bhp

1993 Ford Thunderbird SC

A few days ago, Credit Card Classics reader Jim S. mentioned a car that’s been in the back of my mind for months: a Subaru XT6. Long story short, that car and this Thunderbird S/C reside in the same place of my brain, catalogued as interesting cars I’d own if money and space was no object. They’re not my first choices for a project car as I don’t have many resources close at hand for parts or maintenance support. But if I could be a bit less sensible in my spending decisions, I’d love to hear that supercharger spool up daily and like any good Credit Card Classic, I could buy it for a price well under my credit limit. So tell us, readers – does this Thunderbird S/C make you want to clear space in the driveway for a big-body coupe? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share your finds with us.


  1. jim s

    yes this could be a good and fun daily driver but you need to add the cost of fixing the p/s and the check engine light. also keep in mind that, depending on where you title it ,you may need to get it past a smog check. i like the turbo coupe better but they are getting costly for a good one and do not not have shoulder belts in the back which limits their use as a family vehicle.

  2. michigan doug

    Seems nice but i think a lower mileage one would be a better choice.Or at least one with a working odometer.

  3. rjc

    the drive train calls to me, but the body style is a little lacking.
    Wouldn’t mind taking it for test drive though.

  4. Charles Hefner

    I’ve never owned one,but I have driven one. I think they were impressive in there day,I owned a ’95 LX with the 4.6 SOHC V8 and it accelerated a little faster,but didn’t handle as well.

  5. Jeff Lavery

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Thunderbird of this vintage with a 5-speed in the flesh. Would love to drive one for an experience that’s pretty hard to find these days – a big, fast coupe with the ability to row your own!

  6. Jamie

    Jeff, I like the looks of this one… 🙂

  7. james boyd

    No fear FORD FANS, In my travels i can say that 87.8% of the time any ford v-8 between 1994-2002 or so that the “CHECK ENGINE” comes on its the O2 sensors. They should have been recalled its so bad. If the Mass Airflow Sensor on 4.6 T-Bird engine’s fail the check engine light may not come on. If you snap the throttle open and it sounds like a Q-Jet or Thermo-Quad opening up, Then you know its the MAF.

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