A Modern Classic: 1989 VW GTI 16V

Finding a second-generation VW GTI is no small feat these days, especially if you want one that’s unmodified and still retains its original 16-valve engine, the best choice of motor for a true hot-hatch experience. This stock MK2 VW GTI listed on craigslist in the San Francisco Bay Area is claimed to be a genuine barn find after the original female owner retired it from daily duties. With the exception of missing headliner (a common flaw of this generation), this car appears impressively stock with an excellent original interior, factory teardrop alloys, and its original front chin spoiler still in place. For only $3,989, this is a¬†bargain-basement price of a likely appreciating modern classic.

1991 Volkswagen Corrado: Unfortunate Auto

The Corrado has always been one of my favorite cars. To this day, the styling is among the best I’ve ever seen come out of Wolfsburg, and clean Corrados still look surprisingly new when you see them on the road. This example here on eBay is a 1991 G60 model, supercharged from the factory. Sadly, it is saddled with an automatic transmission which is less than ideal for a car that relies on boost to make speed. It’s a shame, because this car appears to be a survivor-grade example when many have been extinguished from the roads either due to abuse or excessive repair costs. Of course, it could be that slow-shifting auto that kept it from such fates. The seller doesn’t offer much in the way of detail, which you’ll want before committing to buy – but for $3,900, you could likely make most of that money back by parting it out if it turns out to be a dog.

1982 VW Rabbit Truck: Clean Interior

Don’t judge this VW Rabbit pickup by its exterior. It absolutely has one of the best interiors I’ve yet seen on a VW of this generation, and rarely do you find these old work trucks with clean accommodations. Listed on craigslist for $4,000, the owner has worked on it for the last 3 years to make it a reliable daily driver and the interior a place you won’t mind spending some time. The drivetrain¬†has received some significant attention, from a new headgasket, glow plugs and a transmission from a 60K mile example. Some fresh paint to address the primered areas that are merely controlling some surface rust spots would make this truck shine. And the MPGs can’t be beat!