A Modern Classic: 1989 VW GTI 16V


Finding a second-generation VW GTI is no small feat these days, especially if you want one that’s unmodified and still retains its original 16-valve engine, the best choice of motor for a true hot-hatch experience. This stock MK2 VW GTI listed on craigslist in the San Francisco Bay Area is claimed to be a genuine barn find after the original female owner retired it from daily duties. With the exception of missing headliner (a common flaw of this generation), this car appears impressively stock with an excellent original interior, factory teardrop alloys, and its original front chin spoiler still in place. For only $3,989, this is a┬ábargain-basement price of a likely appreciating modern classic.


  1. Woodie Man

    Had an ’87 in 1989. Great little car …they used to be everywhere! Of course mine was not a 16 valve which I always wanted. The black plastic is really susceptible to uv rays…have to keep it well oiled with some sort of protectant . Having the sunroof sealed is kind of weird, of course San Francisco is a lot wetter than sunny SoCal. Needs a thorough PP! and take a look at the cv boots and the cy joints themselves

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