1983 Honda Civic Wagon: Giant Killer

If you buy this car, the seller makes a bold claim: the guy in the Porsche will have no chance with the ladies. Is that possible with a 1983 Honda Civic wagon, listed here on Maine’s craigslist for $3,700? There’s only one way to find out, I suppose. While the seller hypes the car’s effect on the fairer sex, I’m more intrigued by the 4-speed manual transmission and surprisingly clean body for a car with northern roots. The seller says it is rust-free but aside from re-painting the wheels, doesn’t talk much about any sort of maintenance work he has completed. Now, I know that it’s a Honda and they don’t need much, but we’d all feel better knowing a brake job or coolant flush has been performed. Still, this is a great buy for a starter classic.

1986 Volvo 240: Hobbyist Hauler

When Jesse sold his 1972 Volvo 145E rally wagon, I was a bit sad to see it go. Wagons are a fine way to enjoy classic ownership and add some versatility to your vehicle rotation in the process. That’s one disappointing aspect of both of my projects: lack of use beyond just driving them! Now, I don’t mind this predicament, but it would be nice if they could be used to help out with household tasks or other utilitarian duties. Hopefully, the bigger trunk on the 535is will be able to help out on occasion, but there’s also a modern reincarnation of Jesse’s 145E here on craigslist in San Diego and it’s a very clean 1986 Volvo 240 wagon with a manual for $2950. Read more »

1972 Volvo 145E: Form Follows Function

If you have followed our sister site, BarnFinds.com, for any length of time then you will recognize this yellow wagon. This 1972 Volvo 145 has been my daily driver all winter and even though it continues to plod on without many needs, I have decided that it is time to move on. It seemed like a great way to introduce our new site too because old Volvos like this make for perfect Credit Card Classics. They can be found on the cheap and they can be made to run indefinitely. This one has a unique look to it and benefits from many subtle upgrades. Keep reading to learn more and email me if you are interested. I’m asking $4,000 and the car is located in Boise, Idaho. Read more »