1983 Porsche 944: Track Friendly

There was a time when autocrossing was a big part of my spring and summer routine. I loved it – getting up at the crack of dawn, walking the course, chatting with other drivers and the exhilaration of banging the car all over the course. I did grow a bit weary of it, however, largely due to wanting to keep my car a summer driver and put an actual interior in it. However, there are some vehicles that make me want to get back into it with vigor and attack some cones. This 1983 Porsche 944, found by Credit Card Classics reader Jim S, is an ideal candidate for track days and autocrosses, and it’s listed here on eBay for just $3,900. Read more »

1986 BMW 325E: Island Commuter

Although we just talked up the advantages to buying a higher-spec model of the venerable BMW E30 chassis, the more utilitarian version of the celebrated 3-Series offered a similarly entertaining driving experience with fewer frills bolted on. This 1986 325E here on eBay spotted by Credit Card Classics reader Jim S on Cape Cod in Massachusetts is listed for $3,000 or best offer by the car’s original owner, who used it on the mainland when visiting from Martha’s Vineyard. Thanks Jim! Read more »

1986 BMW 325ES: The Sensible E30

I’ve made it known on Barn Finds that I’m a bit of a fanatic about 80s BMWs. I own a 1987 325is and a 535is of the same year. I’ve always been partial to the early E30s for that reason, especially the higher-end models that set it apart from the every day 325E and 318I models. While examples like my IS were considered the poor man’s alternative to the M3, the ES was an option for consumers who wanted efficiency but didn’t want to miss out on the goodies that were unique to models with an “S” at the end. As prices for E30s have risen and the good ones get snatched up by bandwagon boyracers, cars like this 1986 325ES on Maryland’s craigslist for $3,900 are getting harder to find. Read more »

1983 Porsche 928S: Cheap Thrills

Have any of you been minding your own business, content with the project car in the garage, when out of nowhere your friend whispers in your ears, “Hey, did you ever think about buying one of those?” Suddenly, a car you were completely content leaving as a mere figment of your imagination becomes all-consuming, and you’re on the quest to own a cheap supercar that will rapidly deplete your bank account. Well, that’s the boat I’m in with this 1983 Porsche 928S for $4,900 on Hemmings Classifieds, thanks to my brother and his evil thoughts. Read more »

1985 BMW 635CSI: Original Land Shark

When I do my daily scanning of craigslist listings, there’s a significant part of me that hopes I don’t discover anything too tempting. One of the biggest temptations for hobby car owners is snagging a cheap project, either to pillage for parts or to drive while another car is under the knife. This 1985 BMW 635CSI is such a fantasy for me; it looks fantastic and is one the few BMWs of the 1980s that I haven’t spent much time around – yet. It’s listed here on craigslist in Texas for only $3,750, and I can’t find too much to fault at that price. Read more »