1980 Mazda RX-7: Rotary Classic

Although I rarely go autocrossing these days, one of my favorite memories is of a track-only example of the first generation Mazda RX-7. Driven by one the fastest drivers in the Fairfield County Sports Car Club, the car blatted out the distinctive (if not ear-shattering) noise of a rotary-powered mill as it hustled around the course. Copper in color with wide racing slicks, it routinely dominated the day despite its power output being modest in comparison to almost everything else on the course. That’s where my mind wandered while looking at this first-series RX-7 available for $3,950 here on Knoxville’s craigslist. Read more »

1991 Mazda Miata: Cheap Reliable Fun!

So what is a Credit Card Classic? Well, it is any fun driver that you could buy with a credit card. Now I’m not talking about one of those fancy no credit limit platinum cards, I’m talking about your average car guys’ credit card. So what does that mean, well if you can buy it and drive it for less than $5k and have a blast doing it, then it’s a CC Classic. There are lots of cars that can fit the bill, but few are as plentiful as the Mazda Miata. The problem isn’t finding a Miata for under $5k, it’s finding a clean and unmolested example that can be tricky. This 1990 Miata can be found here on craigslist in the San Marcos, CA for a reasonable $4,800, well within our credit limit! Read more »