1989 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z: No Respect

This is perhaps one of the most unloved muscle cars of the last 30 years. The third-generation Camaro didn’t come onto the scene with the greatest reputation, as the performance models from the Big 3 of this era were known for being poor imitations of the models from the ’60s and ’70s that gave these cars their beastly reputations. While the power was certainly down and raw numbers weren’t up to the levels of its ancestors, I’d still rock the T-tops and take a chance on an IROC-Z like this 1989 example listed here on eBay for $4,500. Read more »

1993 Ford Thunderbird SC: Fast Boat

The Ford Thunderbird isn’t exactly high on the list of rides enthusiasts pine for. It’s not hard to see why, with the exception of the combination of rear-wheel drive with an available V8, these modern day interpretations of the classic Thunderbird offered underwhelming performance with overwhelming proportions. Thankfully, someone in the engineering department saw an opportunity to breathe new life into Ford’s big coupe by creating the Thunderbird Super Coupe, or SC, complete with a supercharged and intercooled 3.8L V6. They’re hard to come by these days, and even more so with a third pedal like this example here on craigslist in Virginia for $2,000. Read more »

1981 Chevy Citation X11: X-tinct Econobox

The 1980s posed new challenges for major brands like Chevrolet and Ford. Customers were still feeling the aftershocks of the second energy crisis, and it was clear the domestics needed to have fuel efficient alternatives to the fuel-sippers from Asia. This being America, however, we still wanted performance while extending our time between fill-ups, pushing the big three to find ways to blend performance with fuel economy, a challenge they’ve only recently begun figuring out with continued success. There were bright spots, however, like the Chevy Citation X11 – a car that took an uninspiring econobox and gave it some serious chops. Check out this 1981 edition here on craigslist in Los Angeles for $4,000. Read more »

1988 Dodge Shadow CSX-T: Ready to Rent

Although I write for Barn Finds and Credit Card Classics in my spare time, I am a marketing and PR consultant by day (ask me which role I enjoy more). I’ve always found Carroll Shelby’s collaboration with rental car agencies to be an interesting gimmick: put a muscle car on the menu for mere dollars per day and watch enthusiasts flock to the rental counter. It worked for the Mustang in the ‘60s, so Shelby tried it again with Thrifty in the late ‘80s with a slightly different formula: a turbocharged Dodge Shadow CSX-T. There were only 1,000 produced, one of which is up for grabs here on craigslist in Florida for $3,800. Read more »

1987 Ford Mustang GT: Droptop Fun

Not too many cars come along that are instantly recognized for what they are and cherished for those same feelings nearly 30 years after their introduction. The Fox Body Mustangs offered the masses cheap speed and good times in an attractive package that traded away high quality for high output, a swap that many buyers were happy to live with. Vanilla Ice may have made the Mustang a Hollywood star, but it endeared itself to hobbyists without the high-profile role in a music video. You can still buy them cheap, too, like this 1987 Mustang GT Convertible here on eBay with a buy-it-now of $4,850. Read more »

1990 Dodge Dakota Convertible: Bed with a View

There are always a handful of vehicles throughout history that make you scratch your head and say, “They actually built that?” Sure, you might look at a shrunken microcar or a raucous V10 brute and consider the unlikelihood that it made it past being a mere design sketch, but when you encounter a pickup truck with a factory soft top, it really makes you shake your head. Of course, if you’re like me, you’ll likely shake your head in vigorous approval of this 1990 Dodge Dakota Convertible listed here on Indiana’s craigslist for $4,500 with less than 100,000 miles on the clock. Read more »

1989 Ford Probe GT Turbo: Swiftly, Cheaply

When you think about the cars that top an enthusiast’s wish list for cheap projects, the usual suspects are there: GTIs, Miatas, 944s, and the like. I don’t often hear the words “Probe GT” thrown in to the mix despite a fair amount of reporting that seemed to indicate it was a half-decent way to get from Point A to Point B. Even harder to find is a clean first-generation Probe that came from the factory with a turbocharged and intercooled 2.2L 4-cylinder, unless you happen to live near Wichita where one in excellent condition is listed here on craigslist for $2,200. Read more »

1991 Dodge Spirit R/T: Record Holder

One of my favorite eras in automotive experimentation was the time in the mid 80s when Carroll Shelby started boosting Mopars. It was unlike him, given his history for hugely powerful, raucous vehicles, to take fairly diminutive family and economy cars and inject them with turbochargers and body kits. But enhance them he did, leading to vehicles like the Dodge Spirit R/T. Ordinarily, a Dodge Spirit wouldn’t draw even an accidental side glance from passers-by but in the case of a Shelby-enhanced R/T, you might not even catch a glimpse of it at all as it rocketed past. Check out this 1991 example on St. Louis’ craigslist for $4,000. Read more »

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